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Oven Rack Guards

Sizing the Silicone Rack Edge

Note: Not all ovens will require the silicone rach edges to be cut to size.

Sharp, non-serrated scissors should be used to cut the edges if needed.

⚠ The edges should cover the front edge of the rack (Fig 3)

⚠ Complete this process when the oven is cold.

1. Leave the tray/rack in the cool oven.

2. Hold the rack edge in front of the rack to centre of the rack.

3. Cut any excess at the edges so that the rack can still freely move. 

4. Apply pressure to the silicone edge onto the front of the rack and slowly push the rest of the silicone edge teeth to catch the rack edge. 


Cleaning the product;

Do not use anything sharp or abrasive when cleaning the product. Why not use the It Products Silicone Sponges? Click Here


The Silicone Rack Edges are suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher on a normal cycle. Ensure that they do not get caught in any moving parts. Laying the rack edges flat in the top tray.

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