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Oven Cleaning Tips


Mild abrasive paste cleaner

A great way to safety clean your oven is with the PINK STUFF. You can buy it from local stops and stoops for as little as £1. 

What you will need;

1. The PINK STUFF tub 

2. Toothbrush 

3. Microfibre or absorbable cloth 

4. Cleaning sponge

5. Warm or cool water 

6. Gloves 


- Remove all trays from the oven,

- If your oven allow and it is safe to do so, remove the inner glass sheet from the oven door 

- Turn you oven off

- Ventilated area 

- A cup of tea or coffee ready to relax after cleaning! 


1. Using the sponge, apply the Pink Stuff to the oven racks in the sink. No water is needed at this point. Once coated leave to work. 

2. Start on one side of the oven working your way round each side, top and bottom applying the Pink Stuff evenly in circular motions with the sponge. 

3. Get the toothbrush and apply the Pink Stuff to those hard to reach areas including the side rack runners, hinges, seals and corners. 

4. Using a wet cloth, swill off the excess racks, oven sides and glad door. 

5.  To complete the cleaning process, you'll then need to polish the surface with a clean, dry cloth.

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